The Return of the “German Diesel” at Juventus

Dusseldorf After injuries and the end of the national team Sami Khedira finds at Juventus Turin to old class. Also in the Champions League, he is well placed under Coach Maurizio Sarri.

In the top match of the Italian Serie A’s second round against Napoli (4: 3), Juventus’s world jersey champion has returned to the hearts of the fans. Almost the 32-year-old would have a copy of his hit at the legendary 7: 1 succeeded. The movements were almost identical: a teammate works his way into the opponent’s penalty area, Khedira gets into position with a short start gets a pass in the back area and moves away. In 2014, the ball after Kroos pre-work for interim 5: 0 in the left corner, five years later succeeded Napoli goalkeeper Alex Meret just to prevent the 0: 3 from the point of view of the Neapolitans.

At Khedira’s next close, a whirlwind from around 18 meters, the opposing goalkeeper had no chance – but this time the aluminum stood in the way. The 40,000 spectators in the stadium of the “Old Lady” cheered the German but not only because of his chances, but Khedira also showed what distinguished him for years in the DFB team. He set his teammates in the scene, made connections between defensive and attack and spared no duel.

“He dominates the midfield,” summed up the Italian newspaper “La Stampa”. With Khedira replacing after 60 minutes, Juve defensively lost the structure and in the game forward the drive. A 3-0 lead gave Juventus a 3-3 victory in injury time, with defender Kalidou Koulibaly owning an own goal. First and foremost, Khedira was always playable in his second start-up mission and plowed the entire field. For this type of player, the English term “box-to-box player” is now also used in German football linguistic usage. In Italian, however, is somewhat rustic and less environmentally friendly, spoken by a “diesel” – in the case of Khedira, the nickname is popular because of its German origin.

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