Sami Khedira discharged from Hospital

Sami Khedira made his way out of the hospital yesterday which means there is nothing dangerous about the blow that he had taken on his head playing in the game versus Cornella the other day.

It was a Cup match and was being hosted by Santiago Bernabeu.

Khedira got involved in a collision in the second half of the match. He did not walk off immediately, but, in a couple of minutes’ time, he realized that he was having a bit of a sighting problem and he withdrew himself.

According to the reports, the 27-year old playmaker went to the hospital where he had to stay overnight after being told to do so by the doctors. He was observed by the specialists during the night and then, in the morning, he got discharged.

An official statement released by Real Madrid earlier today confirmed the news.

That statement read, “The results of the tests done on Khedira have been pretty good and he is out of the hospital now.”

However, it has not been specified yet by any of the Madrid officials how many matches Khedira would be missing.

A player generally tends to take a few days to come in normal shape from concussion. It gets better and better with time. Proper resting is necessary and it can be expected that Khedira would be kept out of the scene by the Madrid management in the next couple of games.

As far as that game between Madrid and Cornella is concerned, the Los Blancos, as expected, just smashed the third division side. They secured the win by a margin of five goals.

It was Madrid’s 17th win in a row this season. They have not lost any game after the defeat against Atletico Madrid in September.

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