Sami Khedira & Mesut Özil – Interview – CL Real Madrid – Olympique Lyon

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  1. Anailasa Says:

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    can anyone translate what mesut is saing in this interview,cause l see he smilling a lot y l don’t understand anything of german leanguege…..thanks……….­……

  2. denver3100 Says:

    zidane deutschland ozil

  3. blarbabar Says:

    @jaradificationable Oezil said that he’s very comfortable with his performance and RM’s performance as well against Lyon. Furthermore the moderator said to Oezil that Franz Beckenbauer was asked by Valdano about Oezil before RM signed him and theron Beckenbauer answered Valdano that he thinks a great deal of Oezil.
    Oezil didnt know this and said thank you to Beckenbauer ;).

  4. jaradificationable Says:

    i concur … i would totally appreciate a translation, perhaps just focusing on the Ozil and franz beckenbauer bits? thanx in advance to anyone who bothers!

  5. gucciant Says:

    can someone translate? or give a general breakdown of what was said. thanks!

  6. Valencia Man Utd Says:

    Thanks for this