Thomas Mueller won Golden Boot Germany vs Uruguay vs Alemania (3-2) July 10 2010 Deutschland

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20 Responses to “Thomas Mueller won Golden Boot Germany vs Uruguay vs Alemania (3-2) July 10 2010 Deutschland”

  1. kassel2711 Says:

    Biiiiiiig dracula asshole

  2. madanvijayantony5 Says:

    Thomas Muller You Are The Best

  3. 1995a1995z Says:

    And it was Mullers first proper world cup ever!!!

    Germany is just to amazing, we would have won if Muller played against Spain

  4. wkm1126 Says:

    Forlan is the best player because he doesnt have that #2 outstanding player like muller had stanbecher villa was just a cherrypicker hes still very good and sneijer had robben and brockhurst

  5. nitroDAcunha Says:


    btw .. Ballack started at Bayer Leverkusen , not Munich !!

  6. Y0BiancaY0 Says:

    Müüüüller 🙂

  7. coldplayandoasis Says:


  8. Imsmall Says:

    forlan won he best world player boot….

  9. Sabsemillia Says:

    @ninalilylulu sry but first mueller is a striker ballack a central midfielder second ballack started in bayer leverkusen mueller with bayern munich

  10. stuckonautomatic Says:

    Forlan won Golden Ball for best player.
    Müller won Best Young Player AND Golden Boot for being the best goal scorer. He, Villa, Forlan and Sneijder had each 5 goals but the tie-breaker is assists. Müller had 3 assists, the other three players had 1 each. Müller also played one game less than the other three.

  11. ninalilylulu Says:

    Mueller is SO awesome. When I watch him playing, it’s reminds me of Michael Ballack. Both of them start at Bayern Munich. Hope Mueller’s career become better. And yeah, I LOVE him!

  12. mjzs1 Says:


  13. alicia2345100 Says:

    @819022 nah Forlan won the GOLDEN BALL best player of the world cup 2010 !! iker casillas won the golden glove top goalkeeper, and this german guy won the golden boot, best young player (hes only 20 years old)

  14. 819022 Says:

    This is too bad since our diego forlan won golden boot for more goal scored and better quality goals

  15. Mexangel4U Says:

    He’s simply awesome….holds great promise..Go Mueller!

  16. GerardPiqueFan Says:

    El pulpo no se equivocó.

  17. HackerMerlin Says:

    A tomar por culo alemania xd

  18. Yaya Toure City Says:

    This is amazing

  19. Cristian Chivu Says:

    This is the best fotoball blog ever!

  20. Windward FC Says: